Floral Velvet Burnout Kimono

July 16th, 2013

I had work this afternoon and then met up with my friend Abbie for dinner. We were going to go to our usual, Chili’s, but she had been there recently so we went to Mission Cantina. She had never been there, but it was my second time this week! I just can’t get enough of those fish tacos!

After that we went shopping; because who can resist the siren calls of Target and Marshall’s?

I didn’t get anything exciting, just shaving cream and mints.

After that we got ice cream at Friendly’s. I have to say, my choice to get just hot fudge and extra peanut butter sauce in my Friend-z was a great decision. I usually just get the Reece’s Friend-z as it comes, but really I don’t like the cups in it.

Then we called it a night and went our separate ways.

I did get a picture of my outfit, courtesy of the Marshall’s dressing rooms. Again, it’s nothing too fancy since I only changed my top after work:



My tank is from Old Navy, my kimono is from Forever21 (old), and my shoes are from Marshall’s (also old).

I really love the velvet burnout material of my kimono, but I have never loved the drape of the front. It’s just too much material for my body. And for reasons that I cannot explain, it suddenly has a bunch of rips in it. Maybe the dog got it or something. They’re all on the seams and kind of blend in when it’s on, but it is bugging me, and it’s fraying so I can’t just sew it up. I’ve been thinking about getting this beautiful kimono from etsy. It’s pretty pricey, which is why I’m not sure if I’m going to get it or not.

I still haven’t bit the bullet on the Liebeskind bag from my first post either… still trying to decide. I want too many things from online shops and then I wind up just spending all my money at Marshall’s. Meh. I love shopping too much.

I hope you all had a great day!


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