July 15th, 2013

So, I mixed up my shift today. I thought I was closing, but it turned out I was opening…

I missed the call from the lifeguard, so they called Mike into cover. It actually worked out well for me because I woke up feeling sick and was wishing I didn’t have to go to work anyway. I wound up going out with mom and dad.

We got lunch at On The Border and then we went to Kohls. I got a few things that I’m pretty excited about:


Left to right: Shorts: LC Lauren Conrad, Tank: Mudd, Sequin Top: Jennifer Lopez, Tank: Mudd, Baseball Tee: Sonoma

Detail on the Baseball Tee:

ImageDetail on the Beaded Top:


Tonight I went to Trivia with Meg, Bryan, Zach, Brandon, Steph, and Sam. We didn’t place, but we did pretty well. It was really fun! I actually got a few of the answers too, like zydeco and Dunston Checks In (great  movie!).

I was also able to wear a pretty cute outfit, considering the heat. It was in the 90’s for most of the day (which made me even happier that I was not stuck at the beach!):


Dress: Free People

This is my “I don’t feel like wearing clothes” dress. It’s perfect for really hot days. I will say that it is not great quality. After wearing it maybe two times I had three holes in the lace along the seams. I was able to sew them easily enough, but that dress was a splurge for me, so it was disappointing. I will say that it is very flattering and comfortable, and great for layering. I’ve worn numbers of things over and under it and it always looks cute. I’ve gotten a lot of complements on it.

Detail of the hemline:


And an artsy photo:


I hope you all had a fabulous day!


Ps: The title is from 78Violet’s new single (formerly Aly & AJ aka my favorite musical artists of middle school). It is great and I can’t wait for their album, whenever it comes out! It’s different from their older music. Their old albums were pure pop, but this has a bit of an indie feel. Also, I absolutely love their cover photo:


photo via

Their fashion has become really bohemian, which is my absolute favorite style! I am very excited for what’s to come from them.


Pps: OMG! I just watched the video for Hothouse and AJ is wearing the same dress that I wore in this post! I think a lot of their wardrobe may be from Free People. I’ll have to look into it more!

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