Ticket to Europe for One, Please

July 14th, 2013

This morning I got up semi-early and went to a bakery with mom and dad. It was very cute. It had a modern Parisian feel to it, which I definitely enjoyed. While we were there we ran into Andrea, my cousin’s future sister-in-law. We’ve only met her a few times, but she’s super friendly and really cool. She’s a movie producer. I actually went to one of her premiers a few years ago and got to meet the star of BoyBand!


Mom, Dad, Andrea, Me (in the aforementioned horrible staff t-shirt)

We picked up some scrumptious goodies before we left:


After breakfast I had to go to work. On my way in I spotted an adorable scooter that made me wish I was in Italy (which I may be going to in January!!!).


It was a really hot day at work and I kept messing up people’s orders, and knocking over cups of water, and dropping things: like this pile of forty forks…


The afternoon was bad, but the morning was pretty great, so I’d say this day tipped in favor of a good one! : )

Have a lovely day everyone!


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