Mermaids, Tacos, and Frogs

July 13, 2013

Work was fun today. I closed with Hannah and Sienna, so we were just talking about random stuff, like if people were to one day evolve and be able to sleep in the water, how weird it would be to just see a bunch of people sleeping in the lake. Also, how do mermaids reproduce? Answer: they are able to switch genders and self reproduce (via Sienna).

I also got a pretty nice picture of the lifeguard stand:


Gotta love Instagram filters : )

After work I went out with Meg, Bryan, and Zach to Mission Cantina. I got the fish tacos and boy, were they delicious!!!! So much better than the beef ones I got last time. We had to wait for our table for about twenty minutes, so they brought us chips and salsa…which they then charged us for. We got it taken off the bill. We saw our English teacher from high school, Mrs.Waldron. It was nice to see her. She and her husband were very friendly.

I dropped off the keys at the police station and there were roughly ten plus frogs outside of the door. One of them followed me in and I scooped it up while I was waiting for them to buzz me into the office. I brought the frog outside and I was about to put it down when it decided to jump off and land on it’s back. It was a long fall for a frog. It was fine though.

Mom and I just finished watching Bachelorette with Kirsten Dunst, Rebel Wilson, Lizzy Caplan, and Isla Fisher. It was pretty good. I wish the ending hadn’t wrapped up so quickly. I did like how the characters developed and became more likable as the movie went on. That guy’s speech at the end was gross and out of character.

As for my outfit, it was pretty lackluster since I only changed my shirt after work:


My shirt is from Marshalls and my shorts are from American Eagle.

I like that they’re kind of high waisted, and that the inseam is slightly longer than most of their shorts. The sides are cut higher, which is supposed to make your legs look longer. The sneakers are Converse.

I had an all around good day and I hope you did too!


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