The Early Bird Gets The Sale

July 11th, 2013

I just had to correct myself for writing June. I don’t know how many times I have messed up the date in the past few weeks: day, month, even year, it’s all fair game. I almost wrote 2010 this morning. What???

Anyway, I had a doctors appointment at 8am to day, so it was a very early morning for me and mom. I really liked my doctor. We were joking around and she made me very comfortable. I feel like having a doctor you’re comfortable with makes everything so much better. And she didn’t say anything about my weight gain. I hate when doctors scold you for not eating great or exercising, like, I know I’m supposed to do those things, I’m just being lazy. But she was very cool about everything. Even when I brought it up she didn’t act like it way any big deal.

We got breakfast at the Cracker Barrel. It was actually pretty good, I had been there once before and I did not like it. I only ate like half of my meal because sausage never settles well in my stomach, but it tasted mighty fine (is the southern rubbing off?). I did not like the grits, though. They have a weird texture.

After breakfast we went to the mall and I found a really cute bathing suit at Macy’s.


The top is by Hobie and the bottom is by Hula Honey. The bottoms are kind of high waisted. They hit just below my belly button, which I really like. I normally only wear one pieces because I don’t like my stomach. Also, in the store I swear they were the same color and now that I have them home the bottoms look much more purple. I’ll have to look at them in the sunlight tomorrow.

After breakfast I dropped my mom off at the Soldier’s Home so she could see my grandpa and I went to work. After work I got a haircut at Great Clips. The girl that did my hair was really nice, and she did a good job. She made sure that I was comfortable with the length of the initial cut and the layers before she but anything off. I only got a trim, but it was pretty overdue. It was closing in on a year since I last cut my hair.

I got called to cover tomorrow at the beach on my day off, which sucks, but at it’s the opening shift so I’m done at 3:30. I’m going to try and sort out my banking debacle after work. I still can’t access my money or use my ATM card. Super annoying.

I did get to wear a nice outfit today! I was actually wearing two dresses layered thing morning (the one I’m wearing plus the one hanging up, which is from Free People), but it felt a little dowdy, so I switched before I went to work.


My dress is an old one from American Eagle similar here, here, and here.

My crop top is from Mod Cloth.

And as for my lazy, get-home-and-immediately-put-on-pajamas outfit:


My pants were part of my Macy’s buy this morning. They’re by Lucky Brand and they are super soft, and they had a raw hem, so even though they were way too long, I just chopped them off. BTW, they were cheaper in the store, so if you want to buy them maybe try to check in store first. I think they had them in purple and brown in the store. They definitely had skirts in purple and brown made of the same fabric. They run REALLY BIG, I got an xs/s and I’m usually an 8 in pants, so size down.

My shirt is from Forever 21. It is also really soft. It literally bought it because it was so soft. Online it says the shirt if blue, but it is definitely grey.

I hope you all had a wonderful day!


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