July 10th, 2013
Today was a lot of fun. I had work in the office this morning. I told my boss, Rob, that I would like to manage the beach next summer, but that I will be applying for the TJX internship and that if I get it, I would not turn it down. He was fine with it. He said he hopes I get the internship. I hope I do too.

After work I had some returns to make and I shopped in the mall for a little bit before I met up with the girls.

We went to Red Robbin. It was me, Rachel, Laura, and Cara. We had a lot if laughs. They were talking about their coworker who has really poor English. She was telling a story about her friend’s hot rub being opened for the season and having a bunch of “mouses” in it. In the filter, in the water. They corrected her and told her it was mice, so she responded “Mices. Yeah, whatever”. Lol

Laura, Rachel, Me, Cara

Now I am home and going to bed. I have to get up at like six a.m. tomorrow for my doctors appointment. Horrible! I really wish I didn’t schedule it so early.

In better news, I finally have a decent outfit to post:

Tank top: Old Navy
Skirt: Alberto Makali from Nordstrom Rack

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