Life’s A Beach

July 9th, 2013

Today was my last day at the beach for the week! Woo Hoo! Back to normal clothes tomorrow! That is seriously my least favorite thing about working at the beach, not being in the heat or cleaning bathrooms or taking out the trash or emptying buckets of goose poop, but the fact that in order to do those things and to also look semi-professional, I must wear a god forsaken Staff t-shirt.

In reality the shirts aren’t bad. They’re a nice shade of turquoise. I just always feel a real lack of individuality and style, which is kind of the point of a uniform. And they are so hard to style. I like color, but I’m really more of  neutral/muted color palette kinda girl. I appreciate bright colors, I just don’t like them on my body.

But tomorrow I get to wear real clothes!!! And I’m going out to dinner with my best friend Rachel and her sister Laura after I get out of work in the rec office.

So, in lieu of an OOTD today, I went with a nice vintage lifeguard stand print. You can buy it on etsy if it strikes your fancy. The beach I work at looks nothing like that, but I can pretend that it does. Also, just in case this isn’t confusing enough, I do not work at an actual beach like the ocean. It’s just a sandy lake that we call a beach.

Anyway, I hope you all have a great day!


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