We All Float On

July 7th, 2013

There were thunder storms today which meant that I got out of work early! It was a great treat since I’m getting a bit burned out after six years working the same summer job. I work at a lake in a concession stand, which is great, but also getting kind of old. And the heat certainly is not helping.

After work my family took literally four hours deciding what to do. Finding something that would please all four of us is no easy task. We eventually decided on ice cream and Taco Bell.

I got a root beer float, and although the girl making it was very nice, her float technique was horrible. She put the soda in first, then put the ice cream hanging over the side, half in the cup half out. It was a mess. It tasted good, though.

Taco Bell was also weird. The beef in my tacos was mushy and my limeaid sparkler was horrible. I dumped it out and got baja Mountain Dew, which is always good. Then Seth ate all of my nacho cheese and I threatened to kill him- it’s been a very hormonal day.

Also out A/C died, and the windshield fogged up.

It really wasn’t as bad as it sounds. Dad kept talking about his brilliant idea for a nacho restaurant and Seth kept talking about bit chips. And I drove so we got to listen to The Shins and Death Cab on the ride home!

Tonight Meg came over. She, my mom, and I painted wine glasses. It was really fun and relaxing! It was nice to chat and laugh for a few hours. None of the glasses were masterpieces, but we all enjoyed making them!

Mine, Meg’s, mom’s
As Seth said, mine lacked any ambition, Meg’s had too much ambition and failed, and my moms looked good but was actually bad. Isn’t he a peach?


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