The Look On Less

July 5th, 2013

So, I’ve decided to start a… fashion diary we’ll call it.

I’ve been wanting to keep up with my journal, but I wind up on my computer every night, and I’ve always loved fashion blogs, so why not combine the two!?

So basically, I’ll just write about my day, my outfit, and my general shopping addiction.

Today mom, dad, and I met Seth (my brother) for lunch. Dad has a bajillion dollars in REI rewards, so he wanted to do a little shopping and get out of the house. I tried on a few fuzzy zip-up jackets. In one of them I looked like a polar bear, and the other one a “poop bear” (it was a bad color). Needless to say I did not get either.

When we were done in REI we wanted to get lunch. After much deliberation (seriously, it took us about ten minutes to pick the first place, which we vetoed because their A/C was on the fritz) we eventually wound up at John Harvard’s. It’s a pub with an old-fashioned colonial theme. It was so/so.

The nachos were really good, and so was the complementary bread, but nothing else was worth writing home about. I ordered shrimp, thinking it would be regular fried shrimp, but it was actually Asian shrimp tempura. I don’t think there was anything inherently bad with it, just that it was neither what I was expecting, nor what I wanted.

When I got home I just watched some youtube videos and shopped online. I’m trying to decide if I want to get the Liebeskind NYC bag from Urban Outfitters. It’s on sale now, and it caught my eye a few months ago. American Eagle is doing one of their 40% off everything sales, so I’m going to pick up a pair of rose gold tassel sandals. Although I’m a size four in shoes, their size fives generally fit me.

As for my outfit, today I wore:




Black Patterned Maxi Skirt from Old Navy (which is about the most comfortable thing ever. I may have also worn it yesterday ; )

Grey Tank Top, also from Old Navy (also super comfortable)

Brown Wedges by Crocs similar here (yet again, very comfortable. I’m all about comfort when it’s ninety degrees out)

A tip: Crocs is one of the few mainstream companies that makes women’s shoes in size four and below. I got these at Marshalls a few years ago for $20. What a steal! I love them, and they look nothing like the traditional crocs. They have almost all the comfort with a big upgrade on style!

Dad also tried on a great hat at REI. I think he’s finally found one that looks good on his tiny head!



I hope you all had a great day!


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